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Gros Family Fundraiser & Charity Poker Events



On July 21st, the Tchefuncte Parc neighborhood will hold their 3rd Annual Charity Poker Event.  This year the Gros Family was selected as the beneficiaries.  There will also be a “Family” fundraiser for them during August which will be open to all with a fun family theme and activities for the kids.

We are looking to help our dear friends the Gros family in their greatest time of need.   Randy and Debbie Gros, and their children:  Stephen(13), Ashley(10), and Ryleigh(2) are facing huge financial challenges.  For those of you who do not know, Randy was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and forced to quit work last December.  The speed with which the disease has progressed is almost unprecedented.  Any of you who saw him for the last time at his kids’ ballgames or working around the house in January would be shocked to hear of his condition now.  The lightning quick progression has caused him to lose all function of his arms and legs and rendered him into a quadriplegic state.  There has also been significant deterioration in his breathing ability and he needs to be near an air pressure machine around the clock.  The impending threat of a ventilator has been discussed as a next step.

I have known Randy since we were both 10 years old playing sports together back in St. Bernard.  We graduated together from Chalmette High School in 1983 and were reunited when our oldest children began school at the Katrina-leveled St. Robert Bellarmine in Arabi.  After Katrina, we bought homes across the street from each other in Madisonville and our children play ball together at Coquille and attended St. Peter School in Covington.  Debbie taught at both St. Robert and St. Peter up until her pregnancy with Ryleigh and formed a special relationship with many of your children as well.  Randy helped out around the ballpark stepping in to assist where needed and worked during our many baseball fundraisers.  A welder at ExxonMobil, and weekend motor sports enthusiast, Randy was always there to help work on an engine or car whenever the need arose and would drop whatever he was doing at the time.  Now is “our” time to step up and help his family.

We are currently looking to get a head count for the Poker Tournament on Saturday, July 21st.  The planned start time is 6 PM but that could be adjusted depending on the number of players.  There will be a $100 entry fee for players with $50 buy backs if someone gets knocked out early.  All entry fees and cash donations will go directly to the Gros family.  Prizes will be awarded to the top five to ten finishers depending on the number of entrants and food will be provided for those playing in the tournament.  Some of the prizes we have already secured are a 6’ PawPaw’s Pirogues Tailgater (Saints, LSU or Tulane), boiling pot, and Saint’s items.  If you plan to play in the Poker Event please RSVP to this email or text your name and contact information to me at (504) 452-4580.

The Family Fundraiser will occur on Saturday, August 11th at Champagne Beverage Company.  There will be a band and a DJ, silent auctions, raffles and children’s activities at this event.  Because of their dire situation, we are trying to get everything donated to maximize the benefit to the family.  Anyone interested in making or securing donations or helping out in any way is welcome to respond and we will put you in touch with those working on that event.  Feel free to circulate this to anyone that you feel may be interested in helping out.

Thanks for your support,

Errol Dennis, Jr.



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